Always Strong and Healthy Plants

Explore the ultimate plant care assistant designed to elevate your plant care experience and nurture your green collection effortlessly. Planteia brings together powerful features to ensure your plants thrive and flourish like never before.

My Garden

Keep an eye on your entire plant collection

Create limitless plant cards and gather your entire collection in one convenient space. Easily access vital details of each plant, keeping you in control of their well-being.


Dive in our library of care guides

The App contains a reference guide with information about more than 3000 plant species. Take a deep dive into learning how to keep your favourite plants strong and healthy.


Get your personal plant care schedule

No more guesswork on plant care! Planteia crafts optimal care schedules tailored to each plant's unique needs, ensuring they receive the perfect attention and nourishment.


Plant care tips and notifications

Access a wealth of plant care knowledge and get tips tailored to your specific plant species, ensuring you're equipped with the best practices. Stay informed and confidently tend to your plants with helpful reminders and notifications.


Learn how to bring your plants back to life

Encounter plant care challenges? Planteia offers comprehensive troubleshooting guidance, helping you diagnose and address issues promptly for healthier, happier plants.  

Smart Devices

Stay connected

Seamlessly connect to our smart plant care devices to effortlessly provide optimal conditions for your plants, ensuring they thrive to their fullest potential.