LEVIO - Levitating Plant

Imagine Your Plants Defying Gravity. What once seemed impossible is now a reality. With Levio, watch as your favorite plant gracefully levitates and gently rotates in mid-air. Experience the extraordinary!

Why You'll Love It

  • Magic at arm's length

  • Suits wide variety of plants

  • Simple & Effortless Setup

  • Top-notch design and materials

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Harmony of Nature and Technology

The power of modern technology not only nurtures your plants to grow stronger and healthier but also ensures a well-balanced development. With the gentle rotation throughout the day, your plant receives optimal sunlight exposure, resulting in vibrant and flourishing growth.

Versatile Design for a Variety of Plants

Levio is crafted to seamlessly accommodate a diverse array of plants, from bonsai to small tropical varieties and palms. Its modern design effortlessly complements any interior, making it a perfect fit for diverse plant enthusiasts.

Simple & Effortless Setup

Levio is easy to set up right out of the box. With the right technique, setting up your Levio can take as little as a few seconds. Now it's time for magic!

You need just a few seconds to make your Levio fly. First connect the A/C adaptor to the base. Then take the planter with both hands. Lower the planter over the center of the base and release it gently when you feel no gravity. You will see the planter floating over the base. If the planter fails to levitate, avoid forcing it in the center of the base of moving side to side. Just raise it above the base and try again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What material is Levio made out of?

The planter and the base are made of sustainably sourced oak-veneer finished with natural oil for wood.

How does levitation work?

Levio floats freely in mid-air via magnetic levitation thanks to electronic mechanism inside the platform.

How do I levitate my Levio?

Check out our video tutorial and follow further instructions.

Do you ship Levio worldwide?

We do ship Levio worldwide. Shipping time depends on your country.

Amazing 5 Star Reviews

We are happy that people love our products and services. We are proud to get amazing 5 star reviews from our customers.


Designed With Our Planet In Mind

Whatever products we design or produce we try to be sure it should not require wasteful or unsustainable habits. We use as many sustainable & recyclable materials and elements as possible, designing a better future.

With every shipment you receive from us, you can trust that we're not only delivering nature to your home but also contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.


Our Happiness Guarantee

We believe that anyone can afford having plants at home no matter whether one has experience in plant care or not. So, let nature in your life and marvel how the power of nature makes you healthier and happier.

We promise you will love your Levio, or your money back, no questions.

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A Tree Planted for Every Plant You Bring Home

Our commitment to the planet goes hand in hand with our passion for bringing nature into your home. That's why, for every plant you welcome into your home, we're committed to planting a tree, cultivating a greener, more sustainable future. Together, we can grow a forest, one houseplant at a time.

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