Choosing pots for your houseplants is a real creative process. A huge variety of shapes, colors and sizes enables you to find the ones which will perfectly match your favourite plants as well as fit into the interior of your home.

Bright deep colors will help to emphasize them among other furniture, while basic neutral colors – to fit them perfectly into the environment. Whereas you can absolutely stick to your personal preferences while choosing the color, it’s still better to consider some additional information when it comes to opting for the pot material, as it directly affects care regimen.

Classic terracotta pots are one of the constant trends. They are made of clay without enamel which ensures high water and air permeability level, proper for drought-resistant plants such as Zamioculkas (ZZ plant), Sansiveria (Snake plant) and various kinds of succulents. However, if you are going to grow tropical plants in such pots, you will have to pay special attention to soil moisture as it will change rapidly due to the high porosity of the material.

Plastic pots keep the moisture well and are quite light, which is especially convenient in case you move it from time to time. Modern plant pots with self-watering system sufficiently simplify caring process and even enable to leave the plants during your vacation period.

Glass containers or terrariums are suitable both for moisture-loving plants (in this case use more closed forms) and drought-resistant plants (more open forms). The main thing that should be taken into consideration is that such forms usually do not have drainage holes, therefore it’s better to arrange a layer of clay pellets or any other drainage material before setting a plant.

Modern ceramic pots also usually lack drainage holes therefore they should be used in a form of cachepot – you can put a plastic pot with a plant inside or arrange good drainage layer to place the plant directly in it. Concrete pots may be used in the same way.

Jute baskets are becoming more and more popular as a form of decoration for houseplants. For sure, such baskets can be used only to decorate other pots, the plants should not be set inside of the basket. It's also important to keep in mind that you have to take the plant out of the basket for watering in order to keep it clean and dry.

Metal pots should be used with a special care, since they may heat rapidly in case of high temperature or if standing on the bright side. Such rise in temperature may do harm to your plant and damage its roots.